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The Inspection of Pressure Container/Pressure Pipe Duct in Use

  To manage the synthetic of pressure container, the government has issued “ The Periodical Inspection Regulations of Pressure Container ” , push forward the periodical inspection regulations of pressure container and stipulate different classes according to the safety status of pressure container. To manage the synthetic of pressure pipe duct, we ' ve still had “ The Periodical Inspection Regulations of In-use I ndustrial Pipe Duct ” , which stipulate the periodical inspection regulations of pipe duct and pipeline.

  Examining and inspecting the device by an authoritative inspection institution during its synthetic period or examining and repairing period, is a powerful method to ensure the safety of the device in next synthetic circle.

  Our center used to be the Inspection and Examination Center of Chemical Equipment, Chemical Industry Ministry, which was the technology units of chemical industrial system in the field of in-use device inspection and cultivated a great deal of chemical industrial device inspection technology power. We acquired qualification on periodical inspection of pressure container and in-use pressure duct in 1992.

  As a proficient inspection institution of pressure container/pressure pipe duct in the field of chemi cal industrial and petrifaction, we ' ve provided inspection service of about 4500 sets of pressure container, 500,000 meters pressure pipe duct for large-medium enterprise of chemical industrial, petrifaction system in about 10 provinces nationwide and local areas as well as device disfigurement restoring plan.

  The quality evaluation of devices

  That is to master the present status of devices,to forecast the abnormal synthetic in the near futur e or condition which may cause malfunction and to put forward effective methods to make sure safe synthetic during some time. The quality evaluation and diagnosis of devices is a technology covering various aca demic subjects, which needs accurate judge by inspectors with good diathesis on the bases of their knowle dge and experience. The value of inspection is to make most use of the potential energy of devices, lower times of shutting down and save time as well as win enough time for devices ' updating, within the safe guarantee.

  The inspection of device and the quality evaluation involves:
  · Make accurate judge of inner disfigurement of device by non-destructive test.
  · Make safety evaluation of residual intensity of device by mechanical engineering technology.
  · Make safety judge of disfigurement of device by rupture mechanical engineering.
  · Make optimal schedule of restoring time or replacing circle according to abnormal information, malfunction state and malfunction part of synthetic device tested by device diagnose technology.

  Our center has a 20-year history of device inspection and quality evaluation, and owns all kinds of i nstrument for inspection. Besides, we ' ve established a series of effective work procedures and methods. We own various inspectors,trained and certificated and have accumulated a good deal of experience though the inspection of device in the field of chemical industrial, petrifaction, oil refining and chemical fiber.

  Our center has advantages of inspection devices and technology:
  · Make disfigurement diagnose of device by scanning electric-microscope.
  · Make corrupt inspection of caramide device by ferrite determiner and non-magnetism thickness measu rer.
  · Inspect urea high-pressure heat changer, titanium, attenuation and damnification of stainless steel heat-changer pipes by vortex measurer.
  · Inspect cracks of heat-wall hydrogenation reactor and peeling off ultrasonic wave.
  · Inspect ultrasonic wave of stainless steel welding line and the depth of stainless steel crack.
  · Inspect stove pipe damnification by ultrasonic wave climber.
  · Inspect cracker or converter alloy stove pipes by ultrasonic wave damage-examining device of foundry high-te mperature alloy stove pipes.
  · Inspect film of inner-face welding stainless steel or nickel alloy devices by film-thickness measu rer, such as oil refining hydrogenation reactor.
  · Inspect large-size devices ,such as urea synthetic tower.
  · Ultrasonic wave damage examining of stainless steel welding line and high-temperature ultrasonic wave damage examining below 250 ℃ etc.

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